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by toepic on March 22, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence black and white making a fierce faceEverybody’s favorite post-apocalyptic, underfed teen, battle to the death, love triangle, fashion show movie opens tonight at midnight. I will be waiting until Sunday when the costumed:non-costumed ratio evens out a little bit. Whenever you go, be prepared for excessive clapping and cheering whenever anything familiar from the book happens.

If you’re not already in love with Jennifer Lawrence, be sure to check out her interview with David Letterman below, where she talks about peeing, doing shots and getting tortured by puppies.

Still not convinced? Here is 20 or 30 Examples Of Jennifer Lawrence Being Funny And Cute.

The Hunger Games has already sold out a crazy number of showtimes. If you don’t already have tickets, you better hit Craigslist or risk being the uncool kid until you see it next month.

Need to buy something for the YA lit loving nerd in your life? ‘Hunger Games’: 17 Great Gifts. Also Mad for ‘Hunger Games’ merch: nail polish, socks, crossbows.

What if Hunger Games had been directed by… ‘Hunger Games’: 16 (Im)posters

If you became a Jennifer Lawrence fan because of her role in the short lived TBS comedy The Bill Engvall Show, you might be a redneck. Pajiba has a wonderful photo essay of A Photographic History of Jennifer Lawrence’s Brief Career.

Wait, there were books? Salon looks at the behind-the-scenes story of the readers and booksellers who launched the Hunger Games franchise. The making of a blockbuster.

‘The Hunger Games‘ soundtrack: Appalachian music 300 years in the future. And Kid Cudi!

Do you want to make Katniss’ favorite dish? Here’s how.

Previous Hunger Games coverage on Barely Literary here, here and here.

Letterman interview after the jump.


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jgray March 22, 2012 at 11:57 am

I just added the crossbow to my amazon wishlist! And can you find out where I can get one of those leather hunter’s jackets she’s wearing? That thing is SWEET.


toepic March 22, 2012 at 12:35 pm

CNN and Yahoo have style guides for Katniss, but their jacket selections aren’t even close. I like this one the best:


wifey March 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm

omg, u must check out the racist hunger game fans.


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